What is Skills4Industry?

Skills4industry is the systemization of data concepts from connected devices, things, and business transaction nodes for natural and artificial intelligence.

What are the costs Skills4Industry could reduce for you?

Education and Workforce Systems:

  • The costs associated with inextricably linking curricula and pedagogy to the requirements of the world of work from 5th Grade to Ph.D.
  • The cost of providing people with pathways to career and entrepreneurship from birth to retirement.
  • The cost associated with ensuring all citizens can move into gainful employment no matter their level of education.


  • The cost associated with assembling globally distributed know-how by empowering local learning curricula and pedagogy with business data.
  • The cost of identifying the minor activities taking time away from core business transactions and relationships that could be automated.
  • The cost associated with establishing transparency for work happening remotely by using real-time verification to redefine flexible-work.
  • The cost of a failed AI project resulting from building AI training data on unusable poorly formatted business data or biased Wikipedia data.
  • The cost of improving the learning of business concepts by AI and humans to achieve general intelligence.
  • The cost of variable outcomes of products, services, and solutions delivery resulting from differences in employees qualifications system.
  • The costs associated with moving from Taylorist (repetitive and hierarchical) to more holistic socio-technical (distributed) methods of work.
  • The cost of being overlooked by markets, because your business lacks the right size of data for reporting performance to reduce the cost of capital.
  • The cost associated with increasing returns on CAPX spending during trade restrictions and competing at low price markets, by extracting efficiencies from competencies across global operations and transaction nodes to unlock value for stakeholders.

By far the most massive competencies taxonomy on the planet, Skills4Industry rules-based competency data contains over 3.6 million work task concepts that are rolled into over 200,000 functional tasks. Providing cleaned and fitted data for all AI applications based on continuous data captured from the business transaction and relationship nodes (block, target or categories). Which uses hundreds of pre-defined problems to address work-based and lifelong-learning employability skills, pathways to careers and entrepreneurship, aligning individual and firm-wide abilities to potentials, identifying and eliminating declining skills, designing and implementing incremental or transformative data and AI strategy.