Job Vacancies

Skills4Industry proprietary competency data cover over 3.6 million tasks that is rolled into over 200,000 functional groups on which the company built generic features for linking abilities to potentials using artificial intelligence, which is updated by continuous data from IoT devices. AI is used to capture performance across occupations within industries, sectors, trades and domain, based on competencies measured by proficiency in the application of different work tools across ten levels for humans and four stages for machines. Including, enabling the proactive response to requests not explicitly asked by users based on personalized adaptation of activities, preferences and collaborative data from projects and business networks.

Skills4Industry distributed on-device machine learning user interface uses 3D and augmented reality to improve learning through visualization of data objects, which ensures user requests are secured and private, while execution is based on learned knowledge from cross-functional collaboration. Our technology uses the enriched content based on usage to establish personal preferences to improve tasks performance across industry, sectors, trades and domains (ISTD).

Skills4Industry is developing the latest technologies in cloud and on-device artificial intelligence for machines to recognize the declining skills in an organization, optimize business processes, enable intelligent collaboration and connect people to data. If you are looking for inspiring work with a team that is committed to each other, equity in education through integrative competencies and intelligent business assistants, Skills4Industry is the right business environment for you.

We have over 70 positions to fill with about 90% in Hong Kong, 5% in New York, U.S., 3% in London, UK., and 2% in our Johannesburg, South Africa locations. If a suitable position is not posted, please return in a few hours or days, because we are working round the clock to turn employees profiles into actionable descriptions that may fit you. Please complete the application form with the necessary attachments and be sure to click submit.