Robotic Programmer/ Fanuc

What is Skills4Industry?

Skills4Industry is the systemization of data concepts from connected devices, things, and business transaction nodes for natural and artificial intelligence.

The systemization of occupations and competency concepts for learning by humans and machines make artificial intelligence predictive models explainable and interpretable, resulting in increased natural and artificial intelligence.

Our team quantified competencies by methodically classifying visible and previously invisible occupational tasks. The boundary between competencies applied in the process of achieving a task outcome is established through benchmarks of performance, providing a picture of work potentials. Systemization is the quantification of competencies independent and dependent variable concepts to ensure the resulting data can be analyzed, monitored, tracked and optimized for preparedness, process visibility, and higher productivity. Systemization ensures all aspects of human life and business transactions are computerized data that is driven by value. When powered by artificial intelligence it will prepare us for what lies ahead, provide the best options and take action on our behalf.

Systemized data represent a middle-up and middle-down framework for moving towards real or general intelligence that relies on fewer data for individuals and business applications. The benefit to businesses is ensuring no matter their operational stored data size, and level of data formatting they can take advantage of artificial intelligence to optimize their processes and improve the competencies of their employees. Embedding academic curriculum from 5th grade to Ph.D. as a dependent variable with several independent variables inextricably link education to work and human experiences. This offers opportunities in the application of Skills4Industry in education, skills, productivity, and machine learning. The resulting continuous learning capture daily interactions between people, things and devices that is rendered to advance health, environment, science, and technology for a more equitable society. Please apply here: