Pathways Dashboard

Skills4Industry is a global program designed to help individuals from all prior learning background with an academic and work competency climbing frame, from community learning to Ph.D. using technology.

A pathways system represent all structures designed to support the transition of individuals into careers from cradle-to-retirement. The competencies required to achieve the end goal of quality job throughout a lifetime in the 21st century must be integrative and adaptive to the fast-changing world.

Learning and skills are dynamic subjects with continuous evolution; Skills4Industry systemizes global best practices into a learning framework for cross-cultural communal development.

Artificial intelligence will provide added benefits to a pathways system that is designed to serve the needs of societies across the globe from rural elemental skills to cross-functional integrative competencies required by Presidents and Executive Directors. With artificial intelligence, we are better able to customize learning to individuals' needs based on the level of sophistication of local communities and the relevant competencies critical to the application of available tools proficiently. Modular customization of learning across industries, sectors, trades, and domains (ISTD) is at the heart of Skills4Industry today.

The challenge of creating artificial intelligence that works in competencies education is particularly vexing because the usual artificial intelligence methods require a lot of data that are similar to each category of a task to be performed. Competency-based learning depends on data from disparate sources that must uniformly address the needs of individuals and machines no matter their prior knowledge and work experience.

A dashboard is an interface for easy navigation of customized data, with the ability of users to take a problem and drill down to uncover the depth of supporting interdisciplinary information. Skills4Industry dashboards for communities, states, and countries represent a skills strategy platform for education systems (5th grade to Ph.D. levels), workforce development agencies and individuals the career-linked curricula and pedagogy required for the transition to work from elemental skill to executives level.

Skills4Industry career transitions curricula and pedagogy use artificial intelligence Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Computer Vision technology to ensure currency and alignment with the requirements of today and future career needs.