Pathways Dashboard

A pathways system represent all structures designed to support the transition of individuals into careers from cradle-to-retirement. The competencies required to achieve the end goal of quality job throughout a lifetime in the 21st century must be integrative and adaptive to the fast-changing world.

Artificial intelligence will provide added benefits to pathways system that is designed to serve the needs of societies across the globe from rural elemental skills to cross-functional competencies required by Presidents and Executive Directors. This poses the problems of customization of programs to address individual's competency needs, at different levels and stages of work hierarchies.

The challenge of creating artificial intelligence that works in competencies education is particularly vexing, because the usual artificial intelligence methods require a lot of data that are similar to each category of task to be performed. Competency-based learning depend on data from disparate sources, as a result data heterogeneity reigns. Sources data include, academic, occupational, Skills4Industry, and continuous work tools application data. As a result, the normal artificial intelligence machine learning approaches will fail.

This also means that the methods that will improve results for task performance monitoring and forecasting of employee competencies’ to judge progression will fail.

Skills4Industry established a technology platform that is based on hi-breed artificial intelligence. The taxonomy of competency uses rules-based system that aligned each task to a set of performance benchmarks. Numerical values are extracted from here for a distributed machine learning, whereby all learning data is stored on user devices. While updates with our cloud-based data requires only a summary of learning data at a time chosen by users.

Several diagnostic data, pathways predictions, job profiles, competencies, and forecasting are generated for individuals and machines to inform learning improvement decision making. Making our pathways dashboard solutions appropriate for communities with low internet bandwidth, and poor electricity supply. Including, programs for national, state, regional and industry cluster applications.