Integrative Competencies

Success in the 21st century will be driven by individuals with integrative competencies.

Curriculum is the road map that offer the route to the end goal of knowledge. Skills4Industry embedded academic, higher order thinking and domain contextual curricula into work skills. Including the tools to identify skill gaps, provide gaps closing coursework recommendations and match you with job vacancies.

Skills4Industry deliver integrative curricula and pedagogy for education and professional development from 5th grade to Ph.D. and Levels 1 to 10. We link individuals and machine learning experiences to the competencies valued by employers.

Skills4Industry artificial intelligence powered services help educational institutions, workforce development agencies and talent managers harness developmentally appropriate global community resources to support the mastery of skills employers seek today.


  • Improve the quality of jobs held by graduates.
  • Improve the economic security for graduates throughout their lifetime.
  • Provide the know-how to intelligently combine human and machine competencies.
  • Provide the framework for tasks automation from repetitive tasks, through multi environment and multi-functional robotics based on the most extensive models of functional tasks library through a single window.

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